[pcc_life] Tales from the Breach:Bringing This Thing In For A Landing

It’s just been a crush around here, is what it is.

From the moment I get up to the moment, usually too long from then, that I finally close my eyes for (usually not enough) sleep, I’m doing something because I have to. I really shouldn’t be taking the time to do this, but my inner voice cries out a little bit.

I’m set to graduate, after three years of part-full-time and part-part-time schooling, from the Graphic Design program at PCC Sylvania. If things go accoding to program, my final cum-GPA should be somewhere between 3.74 and 3.80. I haven’t had enough of a chance to actually scout for work; the job I must maintain to keep The Wife[tm] in diabetes-control medications has remained a requirement, not, regretfully, an option.

My sadder moments come when I think about how much better my work could of been if I’d have been given the chance to go on real part time at the Job Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken; I was always, always, always, having to thread the needle. Hell, I could have been in that better job now.

The one thing that really makes me mad is when people leave obstacles in my path, when those people could have done something to remove that obstacle, making life better for me and (by natural extension) them, but the do nothing. Instead of forging ahead to where I should be going I’m constantly divising coping strategeries by myself, when I should have had help.

That is a personal statement. It addresses the obvious and the not-so-obvious and some issues too personal to actually come out and discuss.

But, for better or worse, and despite all odds, I’m graduating. My personal re-invention is ongoing, and I haven’t been totally bereft of new opportunity; Pariah still welcomes my postings at QuarkVSIndesign.com, and the technical editing of his book is proceeding and most of the way there (you know how they say when the student is ready, the master appears? Draw your own conclusion here. I know I’m telegraphing mine). I expect the paycheck on that one to finance more memory for the Mac and an upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 2…but if some nice soul has a good thought for me, it is still on my Amazon Wish List.

Between now and 10 June, I have to:

  • Come up with a wine label…this last project probably due this Wednesday
  • Take a final quiz in the “Preparing Files for Print” class. Open book. Not sweating this one.
  • Getting ready for the AIGA Student Portfolio show

And, the Men’s Wearhouse has seen our custom. Got actual grown-up clothes, at actual grown-up prices.

Out for now.


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