[logo_design] Channel Surfing, The Series Index So Far


The hits from Sitemeter have told me that the Channel Surfing Series, in which I collect and comment (and KATU Logosnark a little) on all the TV Logos I can find is getting its fair share of search hits.

The series is up to Channel 12. It’s not complete but, as I’ve envisioned it, not too far off. It occurs to me that it might be handy to have references in one place so, for convenience’s sake, here’s the list of what I’ve done so far. Happy touring!

The Big List of Station Idenifications so far:

That’s the limit for now. All I need is to compile a Channel 13 article to get the whole VHF dial covered, which I will do by February 2009. which, as we all know, is the end of an era.

We have converter boxes. That should hold us for a little while.

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