Free e-book: Contracts for Designers Who Hate Contracts

2147.Ross Kimbarovsky of CrowdSpring offers a free e-book about contracts and copyright for designers, that even includes a template document you can adapt to your own needs.

I’m opposed to the ‘crowdsourcing’ model, because I think if you want a good job you don’t improve either the quality of your product nor the quality of the design profession by cattle-calling. But I’ll give the Devil his due there; the e-book is a good, quick read about copyrights and designers rights which is free, a quick read, and lays it out all quick-and-simple, which is a boon for designers who’d just rather do the designing. I salute this.

Yes, I did say it was free. Download it from here.

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3 Responses to “Free e-book: Contracts for Designers Who Hate Contracts”

  1. Samuel, I appreciate you separating your views about crowdsourcing in recommending people take a look at the e-book. And thanks for the kind words about the content.


    Ross Kimbarovsky
    (presumably, the Devil)

  2. I find that designers hate having to think about things like rights, permissions, and how it applies to their work and their own businesses. Anyone who take the time to break it down deserves a huge thumbs-up. What really impressed me was the boilerplate you included. It looks mad useful.

    Good resource, and free to boot. What’s not to like?

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