[sf] Help Jeanne Robinson Fight Cancer – Win Dinner With Harlan and Susan Ellison!

2208.SF Fans, time to help: Most of you have heard of Spider Robinson, the creator (amongst other nifty things) Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. He’s a legendary writer. His wife and co-conspirator, Jeanne, is a magnificent artist and sage in her own right, a dancer, and a writer.

Jeanne is afflicted with a rare and aggressive form of bile duct cancer, and, as such illnesses are wont to do, the Robinson family’s finances are very nearly depleted. If Spider’s fiction has delighted you or if anything Jeanne has done, then you can help out. There are several links that can connect you, full of information about what they’re going through and how you can do a little something:

But here’s the big bit of news: Harlan Ellison has offered a most amazing thing: Dinner, at Ellison Wonderland, otherwise known as The Lost Incan Temple of Mars, in beautiful LA, with both Susan and Harlan Ellison. This will be auctioned off starting this Sunday, at the Ebay site for Jeanne’s auctions.

The bidding will start at $1000 and the winner will be responsible for providing their own transportation to LA, but you know what? If I could afford that sort of money, you bet your sweet ass I would! Just to see the inside of that amazing house once in my life and shake Harlan and Susan’s hands would be a hell of a hoot!

Imagine what you could do … maybe you could finally get the address of that idea Service in Schenectady that Harlan uses (well, I mean, you might … ). But if Spider and Jeanne’s works have made you happy, here’s a way you can give back.

If you can, you ought to.

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