[type] Kerning … It’s Just Rhythm (Without The Blues)

2233.Kerning: the one typographical power word. You can have anything you want going down with your type, but watch that kerning …

Kerning addresses a basic problem with our alphabet: The shapes of certain character pairs create spacing problems, making them appear either more loosely or more tightly spaced than the neighboring characters around them. To create the even and consistent spacing between characters that makes for pleasant reading, you should iron out these spacing anomalies.

Kerning isn’t letter-spacing, it’s how you do the letter spacing.

The above is from this CreativePro article by James Felici (http://www.creativepro.com/article/one-good-kern-deserves-another) that takes you around the subject of kerning and why you do it; tells you in real simple yet complete terms about kerning pairs.

Kerning is just one of those basic things that you learn when you learn design and it’s something you keep an eye for from then on.

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