[maps] Lancashire: 10,000 Holes, And One Invisible Town

2255.If you haven’t heard of Argleton, Lancs, UK, I’m not a bit surprised. It’s a bit of a phantom, actually.

If you go to Google Maps, you’ll be centered on a spot approximately 10 miles NNE of Liverpool, England, in the Lancashire countryside. Here’s a link:

Here’s a URL link to the above Google Map

Lovely looking place. Quiet green fields; lovely hedgerows; convenient to both the Motorway (that’s British for freeway, Clem) A58 and the Aughton Town Green rail station, you won’t want for transportation options.

The only thing Argleton doesn’t seem to have is … well, you can see above. There seems to be no actual there, there:

The town appears on Google Maps in the middle of fields close to the M58 motorway, just south of Ormskirk.

Its ‘presence’ means that online businesses that use data from the software have detected it and automatically treated it as a real town in the L39 postcode area.

An internet search for the town now brings up a series of home, job and dating listings for people and places “in Argleton”, as well as websites which help people find its nearest chiropractor and even plan jogging or hiking routes through it. The businesses, people and services listed are real, but are actually based elsewhere in the same postcode area.

Neither Google Maps nor the company associated with the provision of the basic data can explain what Argleton’s doing there, Brigadoon-like, in a field, just south of Ormskirk.

One wonders how The Beatles would have handled this one, here.

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