[art] Nihilism To Go: Destroy Something Every Single Day

2284An act of creative destruction, Destroy Something Every Single Day (http://destroysomething.everysingleday.org/) can inspire your own interior creative commentary on modern times, of which this says something about it, somehow or other.

What they do is what they say. Destroy Something Every Single Day. With a handful of common tools. This is what they did to something called a “skinny cap”:

They’re just getting started over there as of the 1st, apparently; the only other thing destroyed is a bit of 35mm film (for those of you just getting started, film is what cameras used to store images before we had flash cards).

As long as they don’t escalate the destruction to the world and I don’t have to clean it up, I’m down with it.

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2 Responses to “[art] Nihilism To Go: Destroy Something Every Single Day”

  1. Cool you found our project! What do you think about our other microblog http://welovemusic.everysingleday.org ?All the best,David.

  2. What an interesting thought … I'll give it a little look, a little see, and tell you.

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