[design] The Museum of Forgotten Art Materials

2329.I’m a little dismayed. I thought that art materials were evergreen. I mean, an eraser doesn’t stop erasing just because you do all your design and art work on a computer. And these:

… rule, baby. You just don’t know! In the meantime, scoff if you will, but if The Change happens, or it gets past peak-whatever, I’ll still be happy drawing, and you’ll be crying about it. Oh, yeah, laugh while you still have electric power, bee-yotches!

In the meantime, the entire museum is very charming, and it’s here:

Enjoy, seriously.

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2 Responses to “[design] The Museum of Forgotten Art Materials”

  1. ooh i got this set for myself last year after limping along on a decades-old pen. I can die happy, now.

  2. Oh yah, Oh yah, Koh-i-noor Rapidographs are the frigg'n thing for the drawing with the pen and the ink and the flavens!I love doing artwork that is excessively detailed and requires a hell of a lot of work, and tech pens are the serious thing.Anyone who respects them, I respect, because they know what really is needed to create.You have fantastic taste in art tools, is all I can say.

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