[art] Local Web Publication on NW Native Plants Uses One Of My Photos


Wallace W. Hansen’s NW Native Plants is a Salem nursery in what I’ve detected to be an emerging trend of marketing flora native to this area to area gardeners. I don’t know how profitable it is yet, but it seems to have been carving itself a bit of a niche. Certainly it’s a timely thing, and a delightful thing besides (Ivy is a problem, and did you know that they found kudzu in Oregon a while back?)

Last month the webmaster of Wally’s site, Jennifer Rehm, contacted me about using one of my photos of our trip to the Mission Mill Museum in Salem to illustrate the NW Native Plant Journal, an issue about plants along streams (both of which you have a surfeit of here in NW Oregon). This one, to be particularly exact:

Particularly appropriate for living along streams. This is a view down Salem’s Mill Race, which is a canal which diverts some of the flow from Salem’s Mill Creek to a propitious place for the early Oregonian European colonists to start one of Salem’s first major commercial enterprises – The Thomas Kay Woolen Mills. The location is now a wonderful museum.

I consented to allow use of the photo in return for credit and linkback, and Jennifer is indeed a lady of her word. It appears on Page 23 of the current NW Native Plants Journal:

Good layout, appropriate type. And my photo. What’s not to like here?

If you want to get a closeup looksee of it, go to NW Native Plants and download the NW Native Plants Journal, and turn to page 23. And if you’re a Oregonized gardener, consider buying from NW Native Plants, because, speaking as one Oregon native about others, you just can’t have too many of us around!

Thanks, Jennifer!

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