[Out 122nd Way] Angel of Ferrari Destruction Identified – What a Comedian


Meanwhile, out 122nd way, in my back yard, KGW has released the identity of that lady who tried to mess up all those Ferraris at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo – and turns out that Ferrari Hating Girl is a comic.

Former comic, as the KGW headline says.

Well it certainly quit being funny for everyone involved.

Francesca Lavezzo is a 33-year old woman who in the recent past, anyway, was involved in a San Francisco sketch comedy group called The 11th Hour. Here’s the bio. Excerpted fair-use picture right. 6 feet, 160 pounds of Ferrari-hatin’ funny woman, she appeared in one video that I can find, credited as “film crew”.

Exclusive to this blog (and everyone else who figures out where it is and links to it, here’s Francesca Lavezzo, in “The Outtakes of the Christ” (Serious content advisory: irreverent attitude toward religious icons and themes. If you are offended, easily or otherwise, by an irreverent attitude toward the Passion, DO NOT VIEW THIS CLIP!!!. I’m NOT kidding! Do NOT make me get out the blink tag!)

Did you catch her? I sure didn’t. But she’s in there somewhere; she’s listed in the credits.

What was it that Oscar Wilde said, about the only worse thing than being talked about is being not talked about?

I love living out 122nd way!

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