[design] HTML 5 Is Awesome Because You Can Implement Classic Asteroids In HTML

2416.Yes, that’s what I said. Like anyone who’s familiar with any amount of HTML, we know it can do amazing things, but we’re finding real things to be excited about in HTML 5. This is not just another huff-and-puff update.

The canvas HTML 5 Element defines an area which allows for scriptable, dynamic rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. This implementation includes sprites which are simply arrays of points creating paths. They are drawn and translated using canvas translation commands. It plays well. It’s by web designer Doug McInnes, and can be accessed by clicking on the piccy below:

Press Space to fire, left and right arrow to turn left and right, and up arrow to thrust.

And it’s all HTML. Is that not nifty?

Oh, BTW, if you’re using MSIE, you’re out of luck: Internet Explodiator doesn’t support HTML5’s canvas element.

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