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[liff] Michaels: Holding The Line On Prices

Posted in liff, modren times, teh_funnay on March 31, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

2594.Seen at one of the Michaels Arts and Craft stores that we sometimes go to find crafty things for The Wife™:

No Percent Off

At 00$ OFF, when it comes to price here, what you see is what you get. At least they’re straight up about that.


[liff] Powell’s City Of Books: Philosophy on the Return Carts

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2593.The nifty thing about going to Powell’s is, of course, you never know what sort of thing you’ll take away from there, and I say that because if you don’t leave with books, you leave with something to think about … a little philosophy, perhaps.

Seen on a book return cart in the Pearl Room (my favorite because that’s where the art-how-to-books are) was this sagacity:

No Belly button, No conscience

Now, if you’re having any trouble reading this, here’s the transcript:

The sticker reads:

NOTE to Supreme Court: Corporations have no belly buttons – Corp are NOT People!

The first response:

Note To Parents: Babies have no conscience – Babies are NOT people!

And the rejoinder to that:

Nonsense! Sociopaths have no conscience, and they are certainly people!

And, in an attempt to graphically define the proposition, there is a kind of circle-diagram below. I say kind of because the curve enclosing People looks more like an amoeba, which is fair, because some people I’ve met in my life strike me as amoebas (others as anaerobic organisms, but this isn’t Rant Day, so I won’t go there for now). The breakdown is kind of like this:

  1. Babies and Sociopaths are both People but have no conscience;
  2. Babies and Corporations both have no conscience but only Babies are People;
  3. Sociopaths and Corporations both have no conscience but only Sociopaths are People;
  4. Babies and Sociopaths and Corporations have no conscience as a commonality.

Sadly the diagram creator did not treat presence or abscence of belly buttons; hopefully they will revise the diagram when they figure out where the oval has to go. Hey, I’m not doing their work for them! I’m all hoi-polloi here, I do not trouble my mind with such fundamental building blocks of human thought!

I’ll check again on this cart and see if it ever gets updated – providing I ever find it again.


[art] I Sometimes Do Drawrings. Do You Want To See, You Cheeky Monkeys?

Posted in art, art tools on March 31, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

2592.I’m sorry to say, I lied a little in the last posting. I said I can’t share anything in my diary with you (specifically, my writing) but I can share one thing with you. I did a drawring:

Diary Drawing at Powells

It’s okay. You can look! I’ve put no sensitive information there. As a matter of fact, I’m rather insufferably proud of my handwriting, so please look!

Here’s a tighter angle on the girl:

Diary Girl

As happy as I am with the way this turned out (so far – it needs inking), I must say that it is not an original. It’s a copy of an illustration done by Hanie Mohd,,, which appeared on the cover of the crafting zone CROQ, Issue 4, Spring 2006 (I see a lot of CROQ now that The Wife™ has taken up crafting). Here’s a screenclip of a graphic I found that has that illo:

CROQ Goth Chick

I think I came creditably close. I’m not quite finished, and may or may not ink – there’s writing on the other side of the page and I don’t want bleed-through to send what I’ve written there into oblivion.

Hanie’s high-contrast style captured me as did her drawing style as pertains to pretty women (which has given me pause to realize just how much art in this world is inspired by pretty women. Also, pretty women are fun to draw, as Terry Moore (Strangers In Paradise) has pointed out … and when it comes to “pretty”, let’s just say that pretty is decidedly in the eye of the beholder). One of the exercises I’m putting myself through to recover my creative self is to draw illustrations I find that I enjoy looking at, and I did enjoy looking at this one. So much detail and richness out of a high-contrast image!

There are other very attractive and engaging images in this issue of the zine that I’m going to copy into my diary before I give it back to the library. Copying the illustrations of others removes a block I’ve had lately – coming up with things to draw. Naturally, these are not drawn to sell or even to publish for money, but simply for practice.

I thereby thank Hanie Mohd for merely existing. The lady (who I likely will never meet) has enriched my life.

And the style is just wonderful. Can’t get past that.

[liff] A Supreme Irony

Posted in liff, metareferencial things on March 30, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

2591.I am doing the best writing in my life right now in my diary.

… but it’s my diary. Which means I can’t share it with you.


[design] PDX Blue’s New Design: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

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2591.This is not actually the first time we’ve seen a design change in the Portland Police Bureau livery. Back before 1990, they had a very smart look, a simple blue stripe with the words “PORTLAND POLICE” inline, a Portland Rose as the centerpiece, and the tagline “Sworn To Protect: Dedicated To Serve” in a subordinate position.

With the redesign to the sportier design in 90, we saw the tagline go away and the nice, balanced design. I was sad about this; I thought the layout was well done, and the tagline was very classic police branding.

Well, times change and they’re going to be doing new cars – Ford’s retiring the Crown Victoria nameplate and the PPB is likely going back to the revived Chevy Caprice – and this calls for a new design.

The Oregonian has a summation of some of the shortlisted designs at, and they are … interesting. There’s variations on the classic black-and-white and some very daring designs; one features huge, pumped up tires, and a machine gun with distressed type beside it, and the other has flame coming from the wheels and the announcement Here comes the HEAT on the rear quarter.. My money, though, is on the stripe-design that they abandoned back in ’90 to come up with the current look, but I’m a lover of old-fashioned things when it comes to things like Police. When it comes to branding for an organization that people should trust in, you should go with something friendly and approachable.

But that ATV with the back-mounted machine gun … that shows verve, elan, joie de vivre, and any number of abstruse French words that mean “risk taking”.

[net_liff] Back to Firefox 3.6 (For Now)

Posted in liff, net liff, web design on March 24, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

2590.While I like Firefox 4 muchly, I’ll be going back to Firefox 3.6 for now. As soon as the PDF plugin maker makes that plugin okay for FF4, I’ll be upgrading. Also the DIVX plugin won’t work with it … for now.

If you don’t depend on those plugins or your workflow doesn’t demand that they be there, I say go ahead and upgrade. But it’s nice to be able to view PDFs in the browser, which is the biggest flaw in an otherwise fabulous browser.

[pdx] Keep Calm, PDX

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2589.My version of a popular meme, brought on by an extended browse at the Paper Zone earlier today:

Keep Calm … and unicorn.

It’s words to live by, peoples.