[web design] Gingrich Courts Stock Photo Moms, Dads and Everyone

2567.Now, I’m not hating on the man too much. And it’s true that stock photos have a place in design.
But there are times that you wonder if people lean a little too hard on stock photos, and here’s why:
Via the highly good progressive blog Think Progress, we have this:

 That’s a pretty enthusiastic crowd saying “Run, Newt, Run!”. But then, they’d say it to anybody. According to Think Progess, they said it on behalf of the late Ted Kennedy, as well.
Man, those voters are fickle. If you want them to say it to you, too, here’s where you can get your own crowd … it’s the “Large Crowd of People Stars and Stripes” consitutency, who are apparently swing voters this time around. It’s a Getty Images stock image.
Like I said, stock images are no sin, not really, but like any good thing, too much and it starts to make the user look lazy and insincere. And politics is nothing, if not image.
Use stock images wisely, otherwise … what is it you’re saying, really?


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