[art] Diary Drawing: Sayuri from Pastel Manga

2616.At the library today I went looking for manga with visual style that appealed, and hit upon Pastel, which is some sort of romantic-comedy-shonen joint. I’m not too concerned with subject matter right now; more visual style, for styles my eye enjoys that I would like to emulate for practice. And Pastel hit the spot exactly and satisfyingly. One of the characters is named Sayuri, and this is her:

Sayuri Number 1

She had just snuck up on one of the main characters and played a prank on her by pretending to be a violently-inclined mugger, but revealing the game with a squirt of the gun and a knowing wink. That weapon she’s holding is indeed a squirt gun.

I instantly saw how I could render that, and here’s my go:

Sayuri Pastel Number 2

I took out the squirty-mark to make it a general girl-with-gun pic. Because we all know that chicks with guns go over big. Here’s a close look.

Sayuri Pastel Number 3

Stiff fun-loving and playful, but a little dangerous maybe.

And I call this one a success.

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