[OR_liff] Dutch Bros Wants Your Freedom Fighter Fan Art!

2648.Our favorite local coffee drive-through company is holding an art contest.

A few months back witnessed the debut of Dutch Bros. Freedom Fighters, a goofy-yet-cool comic book celebrating the goodness that is Da Broze, complete with a parallel universe, four dudes and a cute princess called to quest, a Mad Cow and an even more insane Kung Fu Frog, and a Dragon who just isn’t worth a damn unless he gets his morning cuppa.

Dutch Bros has just announced a fan art contest. The rules are pretty simple. Make some art – anything you can do, just make sure you include a Dutch Bros coffee cup in it. The winner gets 10 copies of the upcoming Issue 2 (I understand that Issue 1, which has gone out of print, is something of a collectors’ item), with one of them signed by the creative crew, and your art published thereon. They’re going to whip up about 50,000 copies of this, I understand.

Well, there you go. Simple to enter, fun to try. Something like a coloring contest for kids and ironically-slanted adults. So, why not?

Enter it here: http://www.dutchbros.com/freedomfighterscontest


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