[web_design] Presumably He Has A Significant Greeking Constituency*

2680.Jim Greenfield, hopeful Oregon 1st Congressional District Republican candidate to succeed David Wu, still, at this date, has significant lorem ipsum (or, placeholder text) issues with his significantly-uninspired website, http://greenfieldforcongress.com

I’ve detailed his problems here. They still exist as enumerated thereon. I suppose it’s possible that the candidate’s site is a prank. If it isn’t, I’m asking myself – as a voter, now, and this speaks to branding as I’ve said before – does he really care all that much?

If you want a look at a site about someone who actually cares about getting elected, check out Brad Avakian’s. Not a ton of song’n’dance, no fireworks, just effective layout and sensible design and communication. And no placeholder text.

Just sayin’.

* “Greeking” is also designer-speak for random placeholder text, as in the old saw it’s all Greek to me, and awkwardly-written designer-political jokes.


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