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[teh funnay] Movies We’re Not Sure We Want To See: Baldwins In The Mist

Posted in photoshoppery, teh_funnay on September 29, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2709.At first we thought that this was a “Movie We’d Like To See”, but the more we think about it the more we’re not so sure:

Actually, I rather like Alec, and Billy is to be commended for his own efforts trying to remake Portland into Indiewood. But it’s just so easy to make fun of Baldwins. So, I am a little guilty.
Still, I’ve got to wonder – isn’t this the time of year they clone the newest Baldwin?

[comics] Comics Code Authority Seal Now Belongs To The Good Guys

Posted in comics, creators rights, first amendment on September 29, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2708.The unassuming little mark you see illustrated hereunto is the seal of approval of the Comics Code Authority, and as of today, it’s switched sides.

Back in the day when self-censorship was essential to stay in business (as William Gaines found to his travail – fortunately, that guy never would lay down) The CCA stamp was a powerful thing. Having it meant advertisers would like you, and if they liked you, the money would follow.

Times have changed. More channels exist; Marvel and DC have their own ratings systems, and even Archie comics have given up using it. The Comics Code Authority has died with not just no bang, but not even a whimper.

Through legal means I’m certain I have no means of understanding, the stamps new owners are the CBLDF – The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, standing for First Amendment rights for creators:

(CBLDF Executive Director Charles) Brownstein adds “It’s a progressive change that the Comics Code seal, which is yesterday’s symbol of comics censorship, will now be used to raise money to protect the First Amendment challenges comics face in the future. That goal probably would have been unimaginable to the Code’s founders, who were part of a generation of comics professionals that were fleeing a witch-hunt that nearly trampled comics and any notion that they deserved any First Amendment protection.”

So now the stamp has changed sides, and it’s not at all a bad thing.

[teh funnay] As A Matter Of Fact, Gordon Ramsay WOULD Make A Kickass Russian Army Officer

Posted in art, mashups, teh_funnay on September 28, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2707.Replaceface is the project of a so-far-anonymous artist that does the old mash-up with the unexpected twist of putting modern celebrities and well-known-personalities’ heads on the tops of uniform portraits of Imperial Russian Army officers done by the English portraitist George Dawe during the late 1810s and early 1820s, all officers who helped successfully repelled Napoleon’s invasion. There were 329 of these portraits done, and Replaceface has perched heads such as Mickey Rourke, Sean Connery, iSteve, and, of course, Charlie Sheen.

Tiger blood, indeed. My favorite, though:

Gordon Ramsay, of course. You know he would have made a mean, kickass officer.
The mashup is amusing, the technique immaculate. 

[teh funnay] Mormons Are Borg? Juxtaposition Funnies, #1

Posted in net liff, teh_funnay, This Modren World on September 27, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2706.Sometimes YouTube’s related lists and the sponsored video work together to suggest disturbing connections which may (or may not) lurk beneath the surface of This Modren World. I swear the next screenclipping is not Photoshopped:

Now, you all know how these things work. You go looking for things and YouTube’s engine (they all are engines these days, like you’d find them under the hood of the car or sommat) serves up suggestions based on whateverall it is you’re doing. So, I go looking for videos about the Borg … and YouTube serves up a promoted video about Mormons.
Artificial intelligence, artificial stupidity, or artificial humor in dubious taste? You be the judge. This blog offers no opinion one way or the other on Borg, Mormons, or religion in any form, for what that is worth. 

[design] Infographic Cliches You’ve No Doubt Seen

Posted in design, design humor, information design, teh_funnay on September 27, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2705.Design humor is at its best when it’s metareferential, sometimes.

Via Google+ user Dustin Hoffmann (no, not the actor) and served forth from the blog of FastCompany, there’s a very chuckle-funny summary of the most popular infographic cliches:

That’s four of them. To see the whole magila, click on the graphic or the link in the text above to the FastCompany blog. The artist is Alberto Antoniazzi, whose site is

[comics] How iSteve Ruined Comics

Posted in comic art, comic trends, comics on September 25, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2704.(via Gizmodo) Well, iSteve didn’t ruin comics, per se, but Apple, with it’s dead-brilliant design regime, have made technology that was once easily renderable … such as the phone, the TV, and such – so subtly designed that, when they’re used, they need almost as much exposition as a supporting character:

Compare with the idea off a man getting outraged at a magazine or newspaper article. You don’t need to be told what that is. This? Why is that tiny replica of the 2001 monolith making that monkey so angry?
The subtle, usually elegant design regime inspired by the Apple iLine of, oh, just about everything, has created articles that are beginning to require entire new ways of storytelling, causing a sort of evolution in comics. Just how do you tell a story with props that, depending on the context, need to have their stories told before you know what they and what the characters are doing with the small oblong objects that could be, well, just about anything?
Tom Pappalardo asks the question in the article Cartooning vs Technology: How Steve Jobs Ruined Comicsbut he’s trying to make a point with that title. He don’t really hate iSteve, or the toys he created. But it’s a smart, funny article that asks a good question.

[design] Books We’d Like To See: I Am Not Claudius, By Derek Jacobi

Posted in Book Design, teh_funnay on September 25, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2703.Of course, the character Claudius never was as big for Jacobi as the signature character of the inspiration of this photoshoppery: