[web_design] The Sort Of Website You’d Expect From The Country That Gave Us Existentialism

2687.When I was a kid, there was this toy. It was in the form of a sort of crank, which was attached to a wooden block with two channels in a cross. Two sliders were in each of the cross-channels, and the handle of the crank was attached to both, and the leverage was such that, as you rotated the crank handle, one slider would be pulled in its channel, then, as the limit of that would be reached, the other one would be pulled through its channel … over and over and over … never quite touching but coming very close, and if you did it long enough it would make you this sort of crazy, that you’d vary the cadence of the thing, trying to make the two sliders meet, which was, of course, impossible.

Sort of my introduction to existentialism, I guess.

Anyway, somehow I stumbled on this German site, Nirgendwo is irgendwo, http://www.nirgendwo.de/. Go ahead and go there, and come right back. I’ll wait.

Back? Good. Did you see what they did there?

First you see a black screen with the words as such:

This, if you’d not yet figured it out, means nowhere is somewhere. Mousing around the screen you find no links except for over the words, and when you click it, you get this:
Or, somewhere is nowhere. And when you click on that, you just go back to the other one. And that’s all there is, there is nothing more. Has the online experience been better encompassed ever? It’s like this bizarre German version of the taijitu

But that isn’t all. If you missed it before, go back now and click the links, but this time look at the address bar.

Did you see it this time?
Not satisfied with just this sere experience, the designer didn’t stop at making this one site with two pages, no sir. He/She actually put the two statements on two seperate webpages. The second phrase is at a site called http://irgendwo.de. This is truly awesome. 
Web design is complete with this website. Screw Web 2.0, or even 3.0, this transcends that. We can close up the internet and all go home now.

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