[bloggage] My Dallas/Space:1999 Theme Mashup Gets Kudo

2697.Occasionally someone I’ve never known before notices something nifty I did and gives me a warm fuzzy about it, and I’m flattered and a bit happy.

This time, it was a TV theme-mashup I did some time ago … The opening to the 80s nighttime soap Dallas as seen through the stylings of the opening to Space:1999. And here it is:

It was so honored by the blog at Channel-37.net here: http://channel-37.net/?p=1727. It came in as a tie for fifth place with a dead-clever treatment Star Trek: The Next Generation as a Love Boat (even had Charo!).

In that company, a tie for fifth is nifty indeed! Thanks, Channel 37!


One Response to “[bloggage] My Dallas/Space:1999 Theme Mashup Gets Kudo”

  1. We love this video! I have to admit, the whole “ranking” thing was just an excuse to put them in some sort of order… 😀

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