[type] A New Font For Dyslexics

2715. (VIA) Dutch type designer Christian Boer’s Dyslexie is a font which is designed to make reading for dyslexics much more possible.

The font is interesting even if you aren’t so affected. Dyslexie achieves its aim by distorting shapes to, for instance, make the d and p less symmetrical, which prevents the dyslexic brain from “flipping” the shape. Other irregularities make for a very organic feel, which is not altogether unpleasant to look and is actually rather artistic.

Dyslexie font sample screenshot from designer’s website

The font can be seen in action at this article in Scientific American (which has a link to a PDF of the article formatted in Dyslexie), and the designer’s website Project Dyslexie (most of which is laid out with the font). A single-user license will set you back 69 Euros, or about USD 98.00.


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