[net_liff] Some Facebook Cover Images If You Don’t Have One Yet

2733.I enjoy the new Facebook Timeline. Visually, it’s a winner, being much more visually engaging than the old profile views. And the banner – the ‘cover image’ – across the top can make it all hum, in a visual sense.

You may not have any idea what you’d want to have as a banner. Well, Bart Grootveld is showing off 25 of them that he considers sexy, views such as this:

They’re all sized to fit the new cover photo banner area, so there shouldn’t be any cutoff.
There are a few that I don’t consider sexy; there’s realistically-shaded versions of favorite image-macro memery such as the Y U No Guy, the Forever Alone Guy, and the Me Gusta Guy. Actually, I find them kinda disturbing. But someone might like ’em.
They’re all here: http://www.bartgrootveld.com/design/25-sexy-facebook-timeline-banners/. Yeah, there’re 25 of them.


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