[diary] New Years Rulin’s!

2739.Something delightful that has been making the rounds lately has come from the body of work of perhaps the greatest folk-singer America ever had, and he who gave us Arlo, Woody Guthrie. One year, in the pages of one of his diaries, in the MIDDLE OF BOOK (as the charming notation at the top center, where water has stained the pages tells us), he listed, not a list of New Year’s Resolutions, but New Years Rulin’s, each accompanied by a silly but evocative little drawing (or, perhaps as Woody would say, drawin’).

They’re such gentle, general things that it’s hard not to smile. Don’t get lonesome, stay glad, and keep hoping machine running are three things that any of us could do. Dream good is one of those things that goes without saying but needs to be said, as is Bank all extra money and Save dough.

I don’t hold much for New Year’s Resolutin’, but this gives even me a bit of food for thought.

See the full spread here: http://www.woodyguthrie.org/newyearsrulins.htm

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