[logo] The New DC Comics Logo

2774.This just over the transom: word has wafted our way that DC Comics (noted that “DC” no longer is considered an initialism meaning Detective Comics, so the corporate name isn’t Detective Comics Comics, even though that’s how my brain is going to parse it for a while) has relogoed again … the last time was only 2005, six years ago. Here’s a version:

New DC Comics logo, Watchman Version
Sourced from here.

The new logo a ‘D’ applique, peeled back to reveal the ‘C’ beneath. It suggests that they can use it for a lot of customized effects for different franchises, as revealed in a graphic in this article at Designer Daily: http://www.designer-daily.com/dc-comics-logo-re-design-22643. The above is a clever play on Watchmen, which I guess needs no introduction, and in all holds a different mood and attitude than the old logo:

First thoughts about such a redesign is that of all the places that a little OTT design is in order, a comics empire’s logo might be it. Thought that the 2005 redesign was a fine bit of work and that it might have had more than 6 years worth of legs.

My mind was changed a bit when I saw the cool attitude that it helps give the DC Comics webpage:

On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s in there somewhere, though, trust me. Not too bad though. Will have to grow on me.

Stumbled on this review from a fellow Portlander who’s obviously a much more successful designer than I am (who isn’t?) which I enjoyed because she don’t like it and say so. Take it away, Sarah Giffrow. She does nail down the most salient point about it which is the logo don’t say ‘comics’. This is a subjective point, but you remember a few inches up when I mentioned that if there’s anyplace an OTT design is in order, the logo of a comics empire might be it? Same point, different words.

The new logo is sedate, serious, and clever. Whether or not this’ll fly the distance only, of course, time will tell … but comics fans are a vocal and visually-oriented lot, and will doubtlessly chime in presently if they’ve not done so already.

Agree? Disagree? Comment!


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