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[infographic] Eat Sriracha Or Slowly, Slowly Die

Posted in info design, infographic, liff on April 26, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2810I have been recruited to the Rooster Sauce side of the Force since some time ago. There’s very little that can’t be improved by Sriracha.

We all know what The Oatmeal had to say about the Rooster. But did you know that it was just so damn’ miraculous? I didn’t. The skinny … and there is some skinny … on a long, skinny infographic, perforce.

Clicky to embiggenate. You are the Embiggenator.

Eat Sriracha For Your Health

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[teh_funnay] The Premiere of the 3rd Season of You Suck At Photoshop. Here, Now.

Posted in Donnie Hoyle, My Damn Channel, You Suck At Photoshop on April 26, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2809The big fishies at MyDamnChannel haven’t yet released the premiere of YSAP 3.0 as a stand-along ep, but you can see it if you load up this episode of MyDamnChannel Live and go to 5:48. It runs to about 12:50.

Here’s the video cued-up to the starting point for you all. Click on this link:

You got your Donnie Hoyle coming to you after all this waiting. You’re going to get him good and hard.

[art] A ZKT Exclusive Interview With I’ve Been Framed’s Newest Employee

Posted in Art Is Local, art supply retailers, I've Been Framed, Kittehs, PDX art stores on April 26, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2808I’ll say it until I can’t say it no more: Local art stores rock and there are two that are instrumental in putting the cream in our coffee, the art supplies in our bag, and taking the money out of our wallet. One of them is I’ve Been Framed.

We like our two favorite stores for mostly the same reasons. They’re both staffed and owned by local Portlanders who are passionate about art and sincerely love their customers. They both have different approaches that mean you get a ton of good out of them and the prices are seriously affordable. They care about what they do and almost everyone who works there are artists themselves.

When you walk into IBF you get the idea that you’ve walked into a delightful collage that will also sell you art supplies. They not only have brands that you look for but they also sometimes have insanely-discounted clearance lots. IBF has a nice little framing department in the back, which is where they get the idea for the nam.

The employees at IBF, as I intimated, really make the store however. Really friendly, really care about the art. Really care about making your experience there a good one. A new employee has been added, and he’s a sweetie. I understand he works really cheaply … mostly for Little Friskies. You can get a good idea of who it is when you enter:

He, like all great artists, goes by a single name … Jordie. He’s still settling in, but he’s got a warm charm all his own. After asking Mark for an introduction I was shown into Jordie’s office, where he was busy at work, holding down the Adorable department, as well as some of the inventory.

Actually, he may have been on break. With a kitteh, it’s hard to tell.

I’m not sure if he was up to a hard-hitting interview about the ins and outs of being the only known art-store cat in Portland, but I wasn’t about to back down. Here was a story that needs to be told, and in the wake of the loss of Powell’s Books’ legendary store cat, Fup, the position of Dean of Portland Store Cats is still up for contention. The public wants to know if Jordie can make the grade. And I wasn’t about to be swayed by purring and cute looks.
Oh, heck, he’s a cute cat. Of course I was. But on to the interview:
The Zehnkatzen Times: Jordie, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.

ZKT: You have the opportunity of working as the store cat in one of the two most awesome art supply stores in the Portland area. How did you feel when you realized that you’re the point kitty here? Particularly honored?


ZKT: Indeed! A great opportunity. Now, you’re settling in, getting used to the crush of customers coming through … they’re very creative types. Do you find the artists that come in for supplies particularly inspiring?

ZKT: That’s a great story. You never know who you’ll run into here … I just helped an artist who was working on ancient methods for making gessoes figure out how to come by the circumference of a circle so he could lay out some calligraphy. You don’t have to work here to learn something new! You do work here though … do you feel that you’re luckier than most kitties?

ZKT: Yes, it is a special place. That’s why we keep coming here, especially with personnel like yourself that make the experience so nice.

At that point, Jordie had some important item on his kitty agenda to complete and had to end the interview, but not before there were skritches and pettin’s and purring. But, withal, it looks like Jordie has all the chops to be a great art-store store cat. He’s still got some settling in to do, learning the ropes of a very important position, but it looks like he’ll grow into the position just fine.

So, visit yourself some I’ve Been Framed … local art stores are cool, and local art stores are awesome. Also stop by Muse. Support your local sources. They matter.

And pet yourself some kitty when you can. It may not make you rich, but it will make you happy.

[PDX_liff] LOLBurgerville At SE 11th And Hawthorne

Posted in Burgerville USA, liff in PDX, LOLCats, lolpdx, pdx on April 26, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2807Burgerville USA, the only burger joint worth visiting, indeed, the only burger joint anywhere, has good news for this particular kitteh:

Yes, you can haz that cheezburger. Might I suggest the Tillamook Cheeseburger?

Of course, the injunction is delivered with a smile. Because that’s how Burgerville USA rolls, yo.

[teh_funnay] Donnie Hoyle is Back … and You Still Suck At Photoshop

Posted in Donnie Hoyle, My Damn Channel, You Suck At Photoshop on April 25, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2806Got something for you all …

Today on MyDamnChannel’s YouTube channel, during the daily broadcast of the MyDamnChannelLive web series, something happened that I’m betting you didn’t know you wanted but you did in your heart, oh dear yes you did.

Remember You Suck at Photoshop? Remember how much Donnie Hoyle went through to train us on how not to suck at Photohshop? And remember how he seemed to go out in a blaze of … well glory, or something like it?

Well, friends, he didn’t die. He’s just been hidin’ out. And rocking CS5, of course. Today, MDCLive premiered Volume 21 in the series, which illustrates Puppet Warp and Content-Aware Fill, which are awesome of course.

The videos aren’t up in their own channel, of course, but you can probably see it as part of today’s MDCLive, which are in this YouTube channel: If you go there nowish you won’t see it, but if you do it, say, later this evening or so, it should be up.

For now, this should hold you.


Oh, you are in for it people. You really really are.

[OR_liff] The Popcorn Machine Has Been Cleared Of Blame …

Posted in or_liff, Silverton on April 25, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2805Not long ago, word broke that Silverton’s magnificent Palace Theater, a fixture for most of a century (and as an opera house, even longer) at the corner of Oak and Water Streets in the center of downtown, suffered a tragic fire.

At the time, one of the theatre’s owners, the famous Stu Rasmussen, guessed it might have been the popcorn machine. The lobby suffered a remarkable amount of damage, and the estimate went as high as $300,000.

Good news: a message on the marquee has proclaimed that WE WILL BE BACK, and word is the business is on the mend: fully insured, saith this article at the Statesman-Journal.

Good on Stu and his crew. I always figured him for a smart cookie.

And the popcorn machine is off the hook for the blame. 

[OR_liff] The Perfect Sister City For Boring, Oregon?

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2804Why, that would be Dull, Scotland, of course.

No, seriously. Really.

I mean, here it is. Right next to the Dull Wood, in fact.

Why would anyone bother to make this up?