[teh_funnay] Donnie Hoyle is Back … and You Still Suck At Photoshop

2806Got something for you all …

Today on MyDamnChannel’s YouTube channel, during the daily broadcast of the MyDamnChannelLive web series, something happened that I’m betting you didn’t know you wanted but you did in your heart, oh dear yes you did.

Remember You Suck at Photoshop? Remember how much Donnie Hoyle went through to train us on how not to suck at Photohshop? And remember how he seemed to go out in a blaze of … well glory, or something like it?

Well, friends, he didn’t die. He’s just been hidin’ out. And rocking CS5, of course. Today, MDCLive premiered Volume 21 in the series, which illustrates Puppet Warp and Content-Aware Fill, which are awesome of course.

The videos aren’t up in their own channel, of course, but you can probably see it as part of today’s MDCLive, which are in this YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/MyDamnChannel. If you go there nowish you won’t see it, but if you do it, say, later this evening or so, it should be up.

For now, this should hold you.


Oh, you are in for it people. You really really are.


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