[design] Secret Messages In Packages, Or, How I Know Post Raisin Bran Is America’s Cereal

2836.We messed-up people are afflicted with something called pareidolia. This is the psychological act of seeing a significant message in random inputs, like seeing faces on the Moon or Mars, Jesus, Mary and Joseph on a toasted bagel, or a big thumbs-up in the fork between the Willamette and Columbia rivers (squint your eyes, bunky, it’s there, trust me).

Last night’s weekly to the market gave me food for thought (and untrammeled conspiracy theorizing, when, as we were in the cereal aisle (not isle, that would be a mound of cereal surrounded by water which would not only be soggy but most unpalatable) and, as I turned to look, my fnord detector went off.

I swear, out of the corner of my eye, for just the briefest moment, that raisin-bran-laden spoon resembled this:

Take a look at this …

Do you see it yet? No? How about now?

What about now?

Anyhow, sometimes accidental folds will deliver a wildly different message. Without the fold, Morris likes 9 Lives. But With a fold in the right place?
Turns out his favorite cat food is really “Olives”.
Shop wisely, everyone. 

3 Responses to “[design] Secret Messages In Packages, Or, How I Know Post Raisin Bran Is America’s Cereal”

  1. Isn't that “0 lives”?

  2. I sure hope not! That wouldn't be a great marketing move.

  3. I'm sure that Raisin Bran thing isn't accidental. It's actually pretty brilliant if you ask me 🙂

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