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[liff] New Tomatoes, We Haz Them

Posted in liff, liff in Cascadia, Tomatoes on June 28, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2852.I’m finally accomplishing something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time.

I’m growing tomatoes and peppers. Not very much right now: one Willamette tomato plant and a Sweet 100 (cherry tomato) plant, and a regular old California Wonder green pepper.

I have always been fascinated by growing things but never thought I had it in me to actually grow anything. I have found out that, to a certain point, it kind of takes care of itself. You just have to keep an eye on your plants and make sure not too much goes wrong. But the Willamette – a tomato designed to grow in this climate and zone, and an heirloom, so, if I was crazy enough, I could grow more Willamettes from the tomato seeds (heirlooms breed true from seed) and the Sweet 100 have a joie de vivre, to be sure. They both seem thrilled to be alive.

Have had them for something over two months and they’re starting to be filled with those modest little yellow blossoms. And … well, one’s turning into an actual tomato fruit. See here:

It’s right there in that red circle. it’s actual size is about that of a big pea.

It’s really pretty exciting. This is the first time I’ve ever grown anything, and the first time I’m growing a veggie that I quite enjoy.

I can’t wait to slice and eat this one. This is a special occasion, taught me a little something, and provided me with a skill that speaks to self-sufficiency.

Can’t wait for that pepper to start producing. They have the most adorable white blossoms …


[liff] Enzo’s Daddy Likes My Graphic

Posted in KGW, Matt Zaffino Has A Posse, oregon broadcasters, pdx legends on June 28, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2851.A while back, I designed a little graphic, inspired by Fairey, that honored the head of our favorite weather team (over on KGW), because one day he was just so busy explaining it all … the KGW weather team seems not just passionate but positively geeky over weather and science.

This was it:

Since I follow Zaffino on Twittah, I noticed that he’d changed his avatar pic latterly, and it kind of made my day:

I am so thrilled about this. Now, I thanked him for the honor and then Klouted him with +K’s a few times, and he’s not responded, but I’m thinking all that might be a little stalker-y, so I’m not going to stress over it. It’s obvious where it came from and it’s cool, because this is kinda one of the hopes I had for it.

I’m so proud …

[pdx] Mount Hood Near Sunset, Vance Park, Gresham

Posted in Gresham, liff in PDX, Mount Hood, pdx on June 28, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2849.The Wife™ is of the opinion we need to spend more time outdoors. I agree.

Right now I enjoy long walks in the park, which sounds very singles-bar-ish, which is awkward since I’m happily married.


This is the sort of thing you’ll see in Vance Park, in Gresham, late on a early-Summer evening:

Vance Park is on SE 182nd Avenue, just south of Mill Street, a short walk from SE 181st and Stark. So it’s accessable. Just a pleasant city park, nothing special except maybe an undefinable something that concentrates time and space into a feeling of … well, something or other. 

It backs up to an old gravel quarry on its eastern margin that you can reach via SE 190th Avenue. It’s possible to get into it this way, from the park, as some enterprising people have made a hole in the fence there and here, but I’d advise against it. That first step … it’s a lulu. 
It’s possible to get some gorgeous shots of Mount Hood though. I really wanted something like this since the cloud adds more than a little bit of drama. That’s the maximum zoom the Kodak EasyShare will allow, which is all the optical zoom plus a bit of digital zoom.
… context is all, as they say. Here’s some of that, too.

I really recommend Vance Park. It’s got a nine-hole disc golf course, a little panhandle which reaches back into some treebound seclusion (which would be good on a hot day, we got the feeling), and a nice amount of lawn and the people around there are awfully decent sorts.

[liff] I’ve Never Met Dan Piraro, But He Knows Me Somehow

Posted in art, Dan Piraro, teh_funnay on June 28, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2848.So, I was tooling through existence, just looking for something that would make me smile, and I found this:

Used with the artist’s gracious permission. Seriously. I asked Piraro
and he said yes, which is squee-worthy, even for an adult man,
which I apparently am. So they say.)

He almost got my looks right, too. However, for me it’s briefs, not boxers (which is probably more than anyone deserved to know but you cannot unthink what you have thought, hahahahaha!).

For what it’s worth, one of the shortcuts would be SHIFT-CMD-T. You get bonus points for figuring out what application, but I don’t know where you’ll spend them. They closed that store down, yo.

Thank you to the actual Dan Piraro for his kind permission in allowing me to illustrate with this.

[web_design] OregonLive Redesign: Say Hello To My Prelo-Slab Friend

Posted in font design, fonts, liff in OR, web design, web fonts on June 26, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2847.In case you’ve somehow, during the past day, not dialled-up OregonLive, the The Oregonian-ish website run by Advance Publications, The Big O‘s parent, you’re in for a surprise, boy-o.

If you’ve sworn off OLive (as some I know have), here’s what you’re missing:

A cleaner, leaner design. A big, meaty guts-column of real-time-updated stories, theme selectable by a drop-down (Top Stories/News/Sports/Entertainment/Opinion). A buff-colored, spacious header that extrudes into the page as you scroll down.

Departments? They got’em:

Each one of those blue buttons open a dialog that allows you to select criteria, you click a search-button, and it’s off to the races. This is all below the “fold” in the right-side column. Below this, you’ll find a most read/most commented block, and at the footer, direct links to direct sections.

One of the biggest complaints about OLive over the years it’s existed is its clutteredness. It was not the most useful of interfaces, and unless you knew what you were looking for, you could indeed get lost while looking for what you were (or weren’t finding). The most irritating thing to me was the center, where sports stories were thrown together in a mixed-hierarchy goulash. While the sections were laid out across the top, it was a matter of guessing to see to it that you picked the right one to drill down into.

This is, indeed a better design. Although the menus that would explode into the screen when you merely moused over the section titles along the top were a little tough to get use to … well, all interfaces have a learning curve. This one’s mercifully short. I already, after just a few minutes, know where I want to go to get what I want to know. The clean, clear, and organized look of the site is a refreshing change from the gallimaufry chaos of the original OLive.

The most striking feature of the redesign, and the one that leaps right out (and almost grabs you by the throat), is that heavy, authoritative font. It’s called Prelo-slab, you can find some here, and boy is it an aggressive look in the application. It almost dares you not to click it. Actually, in the ways it’s being used, it comes off as a little too heavy; I note, at the vendors page, there’s maybe another weight I’d use for those headlines.

But you know what? I like the redesign.

Although, biggest flaw? For a few minutes I thought I’d stumbled into some big ol’ Reddit.

[art] Terry Moore’s Comic Art Tumblr

Posted in comickers, Strangers In Paradise, Terry Moore on June 22, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2845.Now that I’ve gotten back into Strangers In Paradise, I suppose I’ll start being obsessive about it. I’m ADD about the things I like, but it’s kind of telescoped-out … I’ll get into something, make an earnest attempt to get every single bit of interesting information out of something, endeavor to leave it like a dry husk, then move on.

I don’t know why I do this. I long ago learned not to question it.

So, in the opening gambit to obsess on the astounding work of Terry Moore, an artist who’s pencil I could but merely hope to borrow, if that, here’s a bit of a delight: TerryMooreArt, his tumblr blog. What sorts of things will you find there? Why…


… and David

… amongst other things. Like Supergirl riding a meteor and drinking a Coke.
It’s cool stuff. It’s