[art] Blade Runner … in Watercolor

2843.(Via Slate) Aquarelle is a particular style of watercolor painting. Made with a transparent wash, they’re airy, atmospheric, and very, very soft – and you have to get them right, first time. You can’t ‘fix’ an aquarelle.

Via Slate I stumbled on an amazing media project, mounted by Anders Ramsell, which is the rendering of the film Blade Runner into aquarelle. This, my friends, is the teaser:

It takes a little visual-getting-used-to, but once you do the feeling of air and space and atmosphere takes over. It seems apparent that he’s rendering frames, one-by-one, and photographing them, making this whole endeavor sort of a mashup of rotoscoping and animation.

Very inviting to the eye. Very daring.

It’s going to take tens of thousands of individual paintings to complete, and he’s 3,000 or 4,000 in now.


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