[art] Terry Moore’s Comic Art Tumblr

2845.Now that I’ve gotten back into Strangers In Paradise, I suppose I’ll start being obsessive about it. I’m ADD about the things I like, but it’s kind of telescoped-out … I’ll get into something, make an earnest attempt to get every single bit of interesting information out of something, endeavor to leave it like a dry husk, then move on.

I don’t know why I do this. I long ago learned not to question it.

So, in the opening gambit to obsess on the astounding work of Terry Moore, an artist who’s pencil I could but merely hope to borrow, if that, here’s a bit of a delight: TerryMooreArt, his tumblr blog. What sorts of things will you find there? Why…


… and David

… amongst other things. Like Supergirl riding a meteor and drinking a Coke.
It’s cool stuff. It’s http://terrymooreart.tumblr.com/.

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