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[pdx] Sic Transit Gloria Mason

Posted in KPTV, liff in PDX, pdx legends on August 30, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2862.I suppose it had to happen eventually. Well, maybe it doesn’t have to happen, but it is.

Kristi Turnquist, The Big O:

Call it the Case of the Show that Refuses to Die. After a 46 year-run on KPTV (12), reruns of “Perry Mason” are finally leaving the Portland Fox affiliate. But Perry and the gang aren’t leaving Portland airwaves. The show moves to KPDX, aka PDX TV (Channel 49/cable 13) at 8 a.m., as of Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Image from Wikipedia, here

One of the things that make Portland, Portland, and one of the things that made growing up as a TV kid in Oregon so damn pleasant was that at noon, on KPTV (which I won’t call ‘FOX 12 Oregon’, thankyew) at noon.

This was a Portland quirk back before Portland quirks were so fashionable. It didn’t require you to put a bird on it. It was just a verity, stable as Mt. Hood at sunrise, dependable as a traffic jam on the Banfield at rush hour. It just was. And now, Patrick McCreery, the man who said, back when he came on board KPTV in 2009 (as reported in The Big O by Tom Hallman, Jr.):

When Patrick McCreery was named general manager at Portland’s Fox KPTV (12) six months ago, corporate bosses gave him a free hand as long as he followed an unwritten 42-year-old rule: Don’t mess with “Perry Mason.”
It’s untouchable,” McCreery said. “We can add shows and take others off the air, but ‘Perry’ is nothing to fool with.”

I’m wondering what part of what he said he didn’t understand there. He seemed to get it and get us, and KPTV wasn’t the wonderful sexy beast it once was, but it was still pretty okay.

Now what do you have at noon? Are you sitting down, Portland?

Racheal Ray. One of the Four Hamsters of the Apocalypse. And more talk shows, because we all know how much you wanted talk shows from Steve Harvey (who’s edgy) and Anderson Cooper (who’s edgy) and Edgy McEdgyson, who’s edgy too.

I mean, just go out and kill Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny while you’re at it.

Someone want to go check Rod Anders’s grave to see if he’s spinning in it?

And you can still watch Perry with your lunch … if you want to eat lunch at 8:00 AM.

This is going to take more than putting a bird on it to heal.

Courage*, Portland.

*apologies to Hart Williams.