[liff] Google StreetView Immortality Missed By THAT Much in Corvallis

2876.Before the word photobomb became en vogue, the real trick was to get yourself into Google StreetView by acting out or doing something odd when the StreetView photo car comes by.

It’s not hard to notice. It’s got this camera orb on a pillar over the trunk that looks like that odd monster on Star Trek‘s head who got all the historical personae to fight in that one episode.

But since you won’t know when … or even if, or if ever … the car’s coming your way, it’s something you can never be really ready for. So, you wind up doing this:

This happened in Corvallis, on a little side street called Park Terrace, whose only function now is to funnel traffic on and off parking lots to Monroe Avenue at about NW 25th Street.

The sad thing is, he had his moment … and Google’s fuzzed out his face.

Missed immortality by that much.

Here’s the link to the actual picture.


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