[diary] Two Sites All About Diary Essentials

2879.Those essentials being, of course, pens and notebooks, two things which I absolutely adore.

Two sites I’m abashed to say that I’ve only now stumbled on:

  1. Pen Addict: http://www.penaddict.com This is a very spare, cleanly designed site, very few photos, but links, links, and more links. Follow any one for interesting things about pens, pens, pens … so … many … pens. I’ve only begun to explore.
  2. Notebook Stories: http://www.notebookstories.com/. “In search of the perfect page” is its tagline, and there are profiles of notebook addicts, some personal stories … again, I’ve only started exploring, but it looks promising.

The design of Pen Addict showed me something I might have forgotten myself; a good, efficient design, with just what is needed, no more, no less, can get across as much as a cute little blog festooned with baubles.

Food for thought, there.


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