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[liff] The Circles of the Apocalypse Go Round And Round …

Posted in 12/21/12, Apocalypso, liff on December 20, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2900.The end? It’s entirely relative.

Depending on the rationale, it’s happened already.

Remember, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.

Unless it isn’t.


[liff] For Those Who Think The World’s Ending Tomorrow …

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2899.Bad news for you, bunkie.

Been and done. Got the t-shirt.

It happened about 07:35 UTC, 10 Sep 2008.

Yeah, I know! I missed it too.

If, OTOH, you still worry about the fact that the Maya left us a buggy calendar they didn’t think to extend past, 4 Ajaw, 3 K’an’kin, here’s a link to the webcam of Sydney, Australia, where it’s already that date.

And, remember, as the great sage Charles Schulz said, Stop worrying about the world ending today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.

As long as there’s an Australia, there’ll always be another tomorrow.

And so it goes.

[pdx_liff] Snowmageddonopocalypse 2012: This Time, it’s Not 2011.

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2898.The title is lame, I know, but I swore to myself that I’d never use Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo as the basis for a joke again.

Won’t someone think of the children? Well, I did!

Anyway, growing up in Oregon as a kid, one verity was that, at best, you might get snow in the Willamette Valley, and certainly not a white Christmas. They cooked that sort of thing up back east as a marketing ploy to sell Rankin-Bass cartoons and holiday movies and record albums. We all knew this.

Well, now it’s now, and the weather has gotten a bit more chaotic, which is the real name for ‘global warming’, but that’s for another time. And now, the old Oregon mantra of ‘no snow in December’ is not something you can 100% depend upon.

At about 8:45 AM, the flakes started hitting big, wet, and heavy on the unfashionable part of Hawthorne Blvd. The weather guys said there was a chance of snow-stickage down to about 500 feet.
Our house, according to the information at Daft Logic’s Google Maps Find Altitude web app,  is about 6 inches below 300 feet in elevation.

And that’s why I love Meteorology. It’s part science, part art, and part dance.

Only a fraction of an inch has fallen, and the snow has stopped since that picture was taken.

And so it goes.

[art] Scenes from a Studio: A Grounded Starship

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2897.I’ve begun a gradual sifting of everything I own, not due to anything imminent or impending, but there is an ass-ton of kipple over years of adult and married life, and I might not win against it (as see the definition of kipple; ’tis entropy embodied) but I have to make some sort of a stand against it because that’s what people is – an enclave of increasing order in a universe that seems moving toward disorder.

Something else that needs a stand now is this:

The USS Enterprise. In my little basement studio in a secluded corner of SEPDX, we have a starship down.

Every now and then, it gets a ‘cat’ scan. Usually that’s delivered by Taffy, Octavius, or Dawg, but since they are cats and have developed all the technology they’re going to need, they are ambivalent at best toward it.

This is one of the AMT-style kits, of which I have destroyed enough over the course of a childhood to support AMT single-handedly. I built this one about 10 years back and did, while somewhat inept, a rather creditable job of detailing it. I have since learnt that if you’re really going to do this right, you’ll paint your models parts before assembling them.

Lesson learned.

But I’ll doubtless have to create its own stand.

[Edatur’s World] Well, If I Was FedEx, I’d Trust That Source!

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2896.So, this was posted to the Book of Face by my favorite ‘net-licious station:

Read closely the middle of the graf.

FedEx says this is their busiest time of the year according to Fed Ex.

One more time.

FedEx says this is their busiest time of year … according to FEDEX.

Well, I suppose they’d know. I mean, if I were FedEx, I wouldn’t ask UPS. DHL, maybe, but never UPS.

Apologies to KGW, who I’d like to remind that I wouldn’t poke fun at if I didn’t love.

[Edaturs World] Eggcorn Nation: Two Ducks Take To The Air, Only One Comes Down

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2895.So, this was written:

An article on Nov. 25 about the artist Malcolm Morley, who has a new exhibition at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill on Long Island, misstated what kind of aerial battles he watched from the rooftops during the London blitz. He and his friends watched dogfights — not duck fights.

That the New York Times should correct such a blunder is well and good, but that they let it through at all is kind of appalling, though the sting of Headsup:the blog‘s find is mitigated somewhat by the humor inherent in the fact that the verbiage logically suggests that there, somewhere, in the ETO, during WWII, heretofore undocumented by history, brave Blighty and Gerry war pilots were actually having ‘duck fights’.

I would have loved to see what went down there.

Down. Yageddit?

Ah, hah. Well.

As to the aforementioned blogger’s ultimate paragraph, we can only give an enthusiastic Amen.

(h/t Nothstine, again).

Signs You’re On The Upper Tier #1: Tastefully-dressed Stray Animals

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2894.That the monkey wandering Ikea in Toronto had a shearling jacket on is just a bonus.

Need we mention that it has not one but two mock Twittahs? I guess we just did.

(h/t Nothstine)