[teh_funnay] Blazers over Bobcast? it Takes A Sports Write!

2891.Now, KGW, I’ve been ribbing you of late because I keep stumbling on these.

I love you. I love you dearly.

But, c’mon, guys. Words are your life. Either that, or the Charlotte NBA team can be downloaded into my iPod.

As of the writing of this missive, there is a story on the KGW website, Sports department, that looks as follows:

… well, without the red marks, of course.

Finding out that Steve Reed is an “AP Sports Write” was just a bonus. You don’t get a twofer typically.

Updated, 2012-12-05 @ 00:28: The weak headline (it had more problems than someone calling Charlotte’s team the Bobcast) has been rewritten into a properly-punchy sports headline: Blazers rally from 18 down, top Bobcats in OT. Steve Reed is still an AP Sports Write, however. Maybe he’ll get the -er from the AP after he completes an interneship or something.


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