[net_liff] We’re Guessing God Hates Anonymous Now: WBC’s Facebook Page Hacked

2922.This is still in progress as we speak; so consider this breaking, but sometime last evening, that amoebic karass that everyone thinks they understand called “Anonymous” has hacked into and replaced images on … sittin down? … the Westboro Baptist Church’s Facebook page.

Here’s a screenshot as of the time of this posting:

The replaced profile information is a scream.

And there’s also this:

As Mom Always Said™ … couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch o’people. Now you can point and laugh at Westboro with even more gusto. Heck, this is more aweseomer than that person who put up the gay-colored house across the street from Westboro a couple months back.

While you can see the carnage, it’s at Westboro’s FB page


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