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[liff] A Pre-Cold Snap Sunrise

Posted in liff, Sunrises and Sunsets on November 29, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2966.Sunrises, to me, always seem more vivid as the weather changes.

Those orance/buff/salmon tones I don’t see too often about here. It seems a whisper of the frosty hand that’s about to lay itself upon the land.

Third-shift work has some compensations.

[art] The Kind Of Art Store Landscaping We Grow Around Here

Posted in Art Is Local, art supply retailers, Just plain neato, PDX photos, SE PDX Photos on November 29, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2965.What would be more perfect outside of Muse Art and Design

… than a color wheel?

The white gravel in the center tells you it’s additive.

SE 42nd and Hawthorne.

[liff] Goodbye, Mysterious Warrior Archie

Posted in cats on November 29, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2964.Our mysterious sojourner, Archie, left us this week.

Here was an oddball feline – well, none of our cats were ever particularly ‘normal’, but we likes ’em quirky.

Archie came to my mother-in-law, a long time ago, battered and in need of care. He was a tough guy, with a single snaggly ear, who had apparently emerged from a battle with some opponent and, seeing my mom-in-law nearby, figured he’d go for help, going ‘You think I look bad? You shoulda see’d the other guy!”

He was the strong, silent type for years, but recently he became talkative. He had a miaow as smoky as his coat. He was a sweet, loyal guy whose ambition in life was apparently to be The Wife™’s fur hat while she slept.

To the best of our guessing, he was 18 years old. He had started to take on that old-cat spindliness that old cats will do, his coat lost his lustre, and he began to slow. He was more susceptible to infections, contracting an intractable one above his nose that affected his rugged, handsome visage, but he never let it stop him. He stayed by Wife like bodyguard, trailing her through the house.

Dr Behrends, at Montavilla, pronounced the sentence. Archie was, in that inscrutable way that animals do, choosing his time and getting his affairs in order. He was at the end of his life and knew it. And so, he turned off the lights in the rooms of his life, one by one, in the most dignified way. And then, two Saturdays ago, he spent 14 hours in Wife’s arms. And then he was gone.

He was a sweet guy, old before we knew him, tougher than most because someone thought declawing was the thing to do.

He gave us his best. I hope he left us thinking we did same.

[comics] It’s Comics! It’s in a Spiral Notebook! IT’S SPIRAL NOTEBOOK COMICS!

Posted in comickers, comics, web comics on November 27, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2963.John E. Williams, a man of whom I admire for having much ilk, just took existential comedy and fast creativity to a new high with the low tech.

How funny can spiral notebook paper and plain black ballpoint can be?

Just ask John.

Claude directs traffic … but of course, nobody listens to him. And, hey, free coupon! At the end! Such a deal! Whatever the NJ Palisades are and sadly, it’s after 1963 but it’s the thought.

Seriously, I enjoy John’s dry wit and his existential touch, which proves that traffic rage can even be funny if you contextualize it just right … and sketch it out in ballpoint on notebook paper (two art media which, I can see, are vastly  underrated).

See the rest (including his recap of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) here:

[art] Here’s Your Space Dragon

Posted in art, Samuel John Klein on November 27, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2962.Well, because space dragon, I guess. Do we need a reason?

Looks like Tintin made a fast escape there too.

[logo] Lloyd Llogo: The Most Portlandest Of Malls Gets A New Graphic Llook

Posted in logo design, logo redesign, pdx, PDX Ephemera, PDX History, pdx legends on November 27, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2961.Portland’s Mall is re-imagining itself.

The Lloyd Center is pretty much the point of entry of the Mall into the culture of Oregon. Built in 1960, once opened, Oregon shopping joined the national scene in as much as the modern shopping mall is concerned.

It’s had its ups and downs; it went from a 100-store mall with an open courtyard to a completely-enclosed mall with two levels of shopping and one of offices. It’s really going strong, and considering how some malls have died, are dying, or have re-imagined their own selves into sere multi-acre parking lots surrounded by big boxes, that’s no small feat.

For many years, now, its logo looked like this:

… and this wasn’t too bad. The rose-as-an-O was very appropriate design, and I always thought the type was rather restrained and refined.

The center has undergone a change of ownership, and the new owners have deemed a logo refresh is in order. Delving back into its 60s-past, here’s what they came up with:

A report by KATU-Channel 2 relates that the new owners feel as though the design harkens back to the Center’s original ‘retro charm’. I can see this. The design would tessellate very nicely into one of those latticework dividers so popular in the hip, upscale pads of the 60s.

I must admit, it didn’t take off with me right away. I didn’t much care for the asymmetry, though once I pictured it as a wall texture, it clicked right there and then. It was a quirky inspiration, to be sure, that caused the designer to link three of the open circles with the L, leaving the one bolded into a C to stand outside, but after sifting the design in my head for a while, it works.

At least it does succeed in evoking a retro feel, and as far as that goes, it’s a success.