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[art] You Can’t Legislate A Man’s Neck; or, Art in the Art Supply Store by the Employees

Posted in art, art humor, Art Is Local, art supplies, art supply retailers, I've Been Framed, PDX art stores, pdx artists on December 31, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
This is one reason why I love my favorite art stores, and one reason why we have to have more than one.

I have rhapsodized in past missives about my two beloved east-side art supply sources, I‘ve Been Framed and Muse Art and Design. Today’s IBF’s turn for some sloppy love. They both have different characters, each unique from the other, both like sides of a whole.

Kind of like this taijitu here.

Both are friendly, both are crazy knowledgeable, both almost-unsanely-affordable, but where Muse is cool, ordered, and tailored to fit its location, IBF is kinda wild, kinda wooly and exuberantly unafraid of being what it is. And, today, what it is is a happenin’, accidental gallery for its employees.  I wasn’t looking for anything this day, The Wife™ was. I come out of the long corridor of decorative papers …(and tho IBF on Foster is in a small building, it seems to go on forever … like ‘dis …)

… and I look at this, and can’t stop giggling.

Flesh Beard. You can legislate a lot of things, but you can’t legislate a man’s neck … Well, yes and no. In American culture you certainly can’t argue the point, but during the French Revolution they legislated a whole lot of men’s necks, if I understand what goeth on thereth correctly. Turning about a quarter of the clock’s turn to the right, we have a windowpane simply full of delight.

There is some connection between Nathan (whoever he is) and coffee (or, perhaps coffeee) that we will have to leave to more learned heads … Erich VanDaaniken, say, or Richard Hoagland, perhaps … to puzzle. At this time, I can only bask in the infinite power of such a connection.

Another incident where the inanimate speak. First, it was ‘bacon bits‘. Now …

I guess that colors having an off day. GEDDIT? OFF … COLOR!!! Let’s try it with the bonus Commonwealth U: OFF COLOUR!!!! My God this is comedy gold!

A couple more for good measure, or least odd measure

It’s the newest model, 70s cool, with all the options (as noted)

Stravinksky from the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain school.
And whooo’s your Daddy? I guess we’ll never know.
The illustration of the building façade? You know I’m in love with this.
Is it any reason a visit to IBF leaves me feeling kid-antic inside, and full of the idea of the possible?
My recommendation to you, dear artist friend, is to also adopt both IBF and Muse. Do it. Don’t argue with me. Just go.
And don’t forget to stop and smell the art along the way.

[Out122ndWay] Starfleet’s Own Ace Hardware Store – The USS Powell Villa

Posted in liff in PDX, lolpdx, lolz, Out 122nd Way, Outer East Portlandia, teh_funnay on December 31, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
The Powell Villa is that old-school shopping center across from the Safeway at SE 122nd and Powell. And the Ace Hardware store that is there has been there for decades, so they say.

It has a tradition of service that comes down from the stars, and is highly … logical.

That’s the USS Powell Villa, Captain Shawn-Luc Picard commanding.

Heck, I didn’t even know they were cousins. Live and learn.

My wife goes there when she wants fasteners and such for small fixes, and I go there to get that delicious hardware-store popcorn (the only thing better is movie-theater popcorn, and I stand in fear of no contradiction here, in as much as the secret ingredient is it’s free!) from the replicator.

Oh, they call it a popcorn machine, but who do they think they’re fooling?

It’s been broke down the last couple of times, so someone from engineering best get on that. This is a hardware store, though. How hard can that be?

The hull number is the store’s ID number, so they say. I say it’s the holodeck program file code. Like I said, they ain’t foolin’ nobody.

[art] The Klein Line of Fine Christmas Cards, 2013

Posted in design, The Crafty Wife on December 28, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

The Wife™ is getting mad crafty. Or maybe the banality of printed holiday cards just isn’t doing it for her anymore. Either way, as Christmas approacheth, she geth buthyth.

This is this year’s line:

Both hand-made, hand-design, and utterly original and unique, by The Wife™, equally utterly original and unique, and I’d not have it any other way.

I just adore the design on the left. So whimsical! The circles were salvaged from some used Christmas wrap, so, very recycled, very PDX! The one on the right has a lot of simple charm to it. They went over big time at work.

[design] New Typography On Taco Bell’s Sauce Packets

Posted in package design, typography on December 28, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

I shelved this one a while back, but it made me react so I’d have to say something about it. It’s a good change.

Recently (but see stipulation above), Taco Bell has changed a bit of the design on its sauce packets. It created a better attitude, one I like better than the old one.

Below photo shows the packets on parade; the old style is on the left, the new style is on the right.

The whimsical, wacky type is gone, along with the old tagline Think Outside the Bun, which is a good change because it all seemed to be trying too hard, from the jaggedly lines to the forced and awkward edginess of the cute sayings in the middle of the design.

The literary review is strictly subjective. Maybe Things just got real just kind of annoys me less, in an unarticulatable way, than Sometines I crave myself … is that wrong? (For the record, it kind of is. If you’re going to consume yourself, at least get a room before you do so. Thanks from me and everyone else).

The large type has a nice, straight-forward strength to it that hints as to why Swiss design got so dam’ popular. It’s straight ahead and just tells you what you want to know … as helped along by the elimination of the “Border Sauce” brand (the ‘run for the border’ tagline being almost older than the 1990s), which made for an awkward coinage at best. Besides, nobody I’ve heard ever called it that; the cashier at the window just wonders if you want Hot or Fire, never asks “Do you want some Border Sauce Hot?”

What it all comes down to is keeping the image current without trying too hard. The graphics on your sauce packets don’t have to do the heavy lifting, they just have to harmonize with the rest of the brand. And this, they do. 

[art] New "Mewse" Spotted In Studio … on Caturday

Posted in art, art resources, caturday, liff, muses on December 28, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

I don’t make a habit of Caturday posts, but if I did, this would be one of them.

I’m going to cast 2014, the ‘year’ being the human artifact and overlay on the natural world that it is, as an ‘art-healing’ time. I have only the barest of inklings as to what that means, but I’ve a sense, and some years I get very little right, but I’ve never failed if I find something happy like that and just rolled with it.

So, art-healing it is.

We have a recent addition to the cat company at home base; we rescued her a couple of years back. She started out very anti-social but has warmed considerably.

Encouragingly, she has condescended (trust me on this … as all of us cat-people know, cats, by default, consider themselves a higher form of life, but this girl walks and talks it) to share time in what I call my studio space with me. More often than not she’ll be circling my chair while I’m diarizing or writing blog postings.

She started out as an aloof Ice Princess, and is still standoffish in most of the rest of the house … but in the studio, she’s one cool kitten.

Allow me to introduce KiKi.

She also disdains the paparazzo, which, in case you didn’t know, is the singular of paparazzi, which by the ending –o, would be male, in this case, would be me.

Just one more purrson I’ll disappoint if I don’t get off my artistic assets, already.

Which reminds, we’ll be going to I’ve Been Framed today. Since my work sked has been rejiggered, we don’t get round to there nearly  enough.

[liff] Moon Over Outer East Portland

Posted in digital photos, PDX photos, SE PDX Photos on December 28, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

A recent cold morning, arriving home at dawn after work on the flip side (my day begins when your day ends, yo. You’re welcome, Portland!) and a crystal clear sky tempted me to take a picture of the moon.

It’s a nice camera, and I’m taking much better pictures, now (thanks, Jason, You Know Who You Are™) but I think I’m pushing its envelope here.

Still, beautiful color, what?

And close-up:

Check out the earthlight on the dark limb. Very romantic, I think.

[pdx] A Little Bit Of PDX in GTA?

Posted in liff in PDX, odds and sods, pdx on December 28, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

This, via Soylent News™ (Remember, Tuesday is Soylent News™day) … if you like living the dream in Liberty City, you’ll love a certain transitional homeless camp there.

It looks pretty close to a little local landmark.

Art imitating life? Or kind of mocking it a little?