[Toon] Sprial Notebook Comics: A Look Behind The Scenes


One of the happier things I’ve seen lately is what John E. Williams does called ‘Spiral Notebook Comics‘. They double down on the creativity and the funny by being very spare, straight-to-the-paper, and close-to-the-inspiration.

From what has to be a very brief laying-out, the ballpoint goes right out to the paper. I fancy that this makes the route from inspiration to drawing that much shorter. There’s a rawness that makes these little drawings memorable, and preserves John’s dry, acid wit.

John’s done us a solid by putting up a blog posting showing what he called ‘outtakes’ to his holiday story about Lucy. Here’s one:

I adore WIPs, as I’ve tiresomely endlessly repeated. But there’s a reason. I find them just as interesting, in an ineffable way, as finished works. I would have loved to see Michelangelo’s sketches for the Mona Lisa.

See the rest of John’s outtakes at



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