[pdx_photo] 82nd and E Burnside Photo Rhapsody


The photographic impressions of just doing your errands on a night when the sun sets gold behind Mount Tabor:

The platform … the front seat of our car … wasn’t the best, but color of the backlit clouds above Mount Tabor was what I was after. And the atmosphere or the time.

The segement of E Burnside just east of the I-205 overpass. We like this stretch of road. Can’t say why. Call it visual umame, if you must. 

New Urbanists call it ‘distressed’. I call it home. 82nd Avenue looking south from Burnside.

The Chevron at 82nd and E Burnside, the Hong Phat Food Center that used to be the 82nd and Burnside Safeway, the sunset over Mount Tabor. The nose of our old Subaru. 

The Hong Phat Food Center that was once a Safeway. They’re doing quite well, Haven’t been yet, though. Maybe soon.

Heavy Eastside. It’s how we roll.


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