[pdx] Electric PDX Sunset, Out 122nd Way

After the Icestorm’o’pocalyse of 2013-14, and a similar, but less intense rain and wind storm’o’podalypse thereafter, we return to something of a regular-life’o’pocalypse.

See? Pocalpyses all over!!! They say they had a bit of Ragnarock-n-roll over the weekend, but I noticed it not. Too jaded. Still cleaning up after the last three. Besides, our finance companies wouldn’t stand for it. Show me the supernatural being that can take on a finance company, and that’s where I’ll find religion.

I don’t usually digress at the beginning of a missive! SCORE!

But to the matter at hand. Saturday evening is likely to find us at the Burgerville at 122nd and Stark. And we linger to chat with Mitch, the night manager, who’s a cool dude and a hoopy frood all around, and The Wife™looks out at the sunset and instructs me to look hither.

This, my friends, is why you have your camera with you at all times. Don’t argue with me. Ours at current is a Canon PowerShot S100, which is an astoundingly powerful creative tool for the amateur photographer, such as myself (thank you, You Know Who You Are™ … I’ll always be most grateful for this boon)

Since our margin of the continent is built on volcanoes’ bones, it’s altogether fitting that every now and again a sunset will come that looks like molten lava. Gradating into a twilight blue sky near the zenith was a pretty poetic thing.

… and so we zoom in to frame a slightly different mood. Despite the weather, which was in the range of 45F, it’s hard not to feel warm looking at this.

And so, we also play with the aperture a bit.

Restricting it, I found that I can up the warm, molten, electric color of the sunset rays.

Electric PDX Sunset. How we roll, out 122nd Way.


2 Responses to “[pdx] Electric PDX Sunset, Out 122nd Way”

  1. This is, belatedly, pretty darn cool. The best camera is the one you have with you, but it's fun to be able to say “oh, you keep your camera phone in your pocket? That's where I keep my REAL camera”.

  2. So try, Jason, so true. The best camera IS the one you have with you, but if you have to have one with you, I'd rather have a camera than a camera-phone.

    Go real or go home, yeah?

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