[pdx] Photos on Sunday 2: Downtown PDX at Dusk

On Sunday evening, during the crepuscule, The Wife™ and your esteemed correspondent decided what we really needed was a walk about on the first really fine day of the year.

Downtown was our subject. These photo entries I’ve tended to be posting latterly are harder to assemble than one would think. They require a level of curating that a simple wordy-post doesn’t; I always have the words I need, but photos do tend to say so much that when I want to tell a story of a moment with some, choosing is the hardest part.

Fortunately, Portland is so photogenic, it tends to speak volumes for me. I do persist in insisting that my words are an important part of it; it’s a conceit, and I realize this. It is, however, a conceit I freely indulge; luxury I can afford, a character flaw I am most fond of. Long story short (too late!), it stays.

But, to be brief (my schedule for today has just evinced a tectonic shift and time is short), my hometown gives me:

Great vintage signage …

NW 2nd and Couch

…the old and the new both looking ancient…

NW 1st Avenue at Couch, Looking South

 … old bridges …

Steel Bridge from Japanese-American Historical Plaza

 … funky 20th Century skylines …

The burgeoning Lloyd Center Skyscraper District

 … more old bridges …

The Burnside Bridge, which should need no introduction

 … urban history …

It is what it is.

 … modern urban prospects …

SW Naito Parkway looking south from the light at SW Pine Street

… over 100 years of bridging the river in one angle …

A view upriver including the Morrison, Hawthorne, New Transit Bridge, and Marquam (and a teensy bit of the Ross Island Bridge, as Wife™ says).

… more modern urbanity …

Downtown from Salmon Street Springs, at SW Salmon and Naito, featuring the KOIN tower.

… a view down the river wall that seems more European than American …

This angle I’ve seen photographed before. In a certain light, it makes me think of what I always pictured a scene along the Seine in Paris would be like. 

 … and a sunset fairyland with train tracks running down it. …

SW 1st Avenue looking south, the Skidmore Fountain at our backs.

… that’s my hometown.

Must go. Life calls.


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