[pdx] Photos on Sunday 3: The Ankeny Arcade, With Added MAX

For a last segment in this edition of ‘Photos on Sunday’, the part of SW 1st Avenue nearest to but not north of the Skidmore Fountain. The cobbles on the part of 1st here and the reservation of it to MAX trains only make of it a sort of world unto itself, bounded, cozy, and close. And the fact that Portland, for all its growth, is a city that rolls up the sidewalks early on Sunday evenings, means it feels most deserted down there. Very few people, as though everyone’s evacuated.

SW 1st looking south from the Skidmore Fountain … a somewhat wider view than the photo in the previous entry. The New Market Theater building is on the right there, and the Ankeny Arcade just out of shot.

SW 1st Avenue at SW Pine Street, looking north toward Skidmore Fountain. Great atmosphere here.

It is a modern, working city after all. Here comes MAX, shattering the fragile mood. Not necessarily a bad thing, tho.


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