[liff] Our Certified Piece of Portland

Now, as I’ve often (and smugly) boasted, I’m a native Oregonian. A downright Oregon chauvinist, I’ll admit it. Not only is Oregon pretty much the best place ever, anything Oregonian is the best thing ever; our successes are mighty as our failures spectacular.

But one thing I cannot claim to have been is to have been born in Portland. I have lived in Portland more than half my life now, but I was born in Silverton (which, these days, Silverton being what it has become, is also a point of pride now … but still). If there was one thing I’d change about my life, that’d be it.

That, and I hate my nose. Place of birth, nose … just about covers it.

Anyways, back about 1992 or 1993, the people running Pioneer Courthouse Square opened the Square up again for those who wanted bricks. In 1984 I lived between Salem and Corvallis, and was a broke-ass young guy, so no brick for me! But now, me and The Wife™ had our chance. I can’t remember now how much it cost to get one; you can still get one now, and it’ll cost you a C-note, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that expensive at that time.

But we got the money we needed at the time, and we got us that brick. So, there we are.

The only problem we have with it is finding it, or at least, usually so. It’s about
3/4ths of the way up SW Yamhill from 6th Avenue, along the part of the block designated the Pioneer Square South MAX platform. We always go there and have a heck of a time finding it; I always start too far toward the middle of the block, based on a memory, and my memory has never been any great shakes. This travail is compounded by the fact that despite an extensive online database, The Square has never indexed the bricks along the Morrison and Yamhill sides (we’ve e-mailed The Square about it. Nice lady named Lindsay Clute said she’d look into this. More on this as it becomes necessary).

But, as I’ve intimated, we’ve found it. Again. And, as much as a experiential thing to write about as a public bookmark, here’s where it is … referring to the photo of the PS South station sign as a guide: there is a brick seam proceeding more or less from the middle of the sign post. Going west parallel to Yamhill Street, count six bricks. Then, from that line, count three out.

And there you are. On the above snap, the yellow coffee mug we scored from KGW’s Studio on the Square is right beside it. And close-up, it looks like this:

SAMUEL & BRENDA KLEIN 5 YRS, is how it reads. 
1995 was our 5th year together as a couple. We invested in a piece of our beloved town; we are yours, Portland, just like you are ours. 

One Response to “[liff] Our Certified Piece of Portland”

  1. $30.
    We ate a lot of mac & cheese to make up for the expenditure.

    Then again, we do like mac & cheese.

    – The Wife™

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