About SJK Portlandiensis and How To Contact Me

I am a rather unsuccessful Graphic Designer living in Portland, Oregon.

This blog was created when Blogger’s Splog-bot tore a swath through Blogger users on 30 July-1 August 2008. While Blogger did correct the problem tout suite, this prompted me to investigate WordPress, which I had been playing around with for some time.

I was surprised at what I found. Save some video links, WP sucked up my Blogger blog content without complaint – comments, posts, labels, and everything.

So right now this is a mirror and may soon become the main blog.

Oh, I’m desperate for work. Email me if you need a junior graphic designer or a logo designer. I’m untapped potential!

Oh, and the Portlandiensis part? It just means “of Portland”. So now you know.

Contacting Me

I’m connected in many ways. See the blogroll under “Contact Me”, which contains email as well as social network access points.


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