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[photo] Have You Seen This Bee? BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME!!!

Posted in Bees, digital photos, Oregon Natural History, SE PDX Photos on June 7, 2014 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
Earlier today we were at Tony’s Garden Supply. This is a wonderful nursery near SE 104th and Holgate Boulevard and is the kind of hometown garden center I remember growing up … locally owned, very very friendly and very very knowledgeable.

We got a Yummy Mix pepper plant, a petunia (the really pretty kind with the dark, dark blue, almost indigo stripes), a big pot to do some transplanting in, and got some advice on how to save The Wife™’s Italian flat-leaved parsley plants. Free protips; you can’t do better!

But it’s a riot of color, and plants wontonly dripping with pollen, and where there’s pollen … we kind of hope these days, from what we’ve heard, it’s kind of grim for them … there’s bees. And I hated bees as a kid, because stingy-stingy-owie-owie, but I’m an adult and I have maybe a better understanding of bee boundaries. And I saw honey bees and bumble bees, and since I read maybe a little too much news I fret over the fact that there aren’t so many bees now. But they were chillaxin’, lazily-but-efficiently picking up pollen from the flowering plants at the front gate.

I’d been wanting to pict a bee for an awful long time. They are fascinating creatures. So I pointed and shot and hoped, and reviewed the photos, and look at this, will you!

Not only did I get a fabulously clear picture of afore-intimated apian, I so lucked that I caught the wings, momentarily, at rest. And, I’m a leg man … and check out them shanks, yo, just brimming with pollen.

I am proud of this picture. And that is one awesome bee.


[liff] Moon Over Outer East Portland

Posted in digital photos, PDX photos, SE PDX Photos on December 28, 2013 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

A recent cold morning, arriving home at dawn after work on the flip side (my day begins when your day ends, yo. You’re welcome, Portland!) and a crystal clear sky tempted me to take a picture of the moon.

It’s a nice camera, and I’m taking much better pictures, now (thanks, Jason, You Know Who You Are™) but I think I’m pushing its envelope here.

Still, beautiful color, what?

And close-up:

Check out the earthlight on the dark limb. Very romantic, I think.

[net_liff] The Girl Whose Feet Never Touch The Ground

Posted in blogs, digital photography, digital photos, Natsumi Hayashi on March 4, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2788Natsumi Hayashi is a young Japanese woman, who puts her super power on display for all the world to see.

Now, as far as polls go, attractive young women are right up there; Japanese moreso. The reason I make that tortured statement is to perhaps overmake the point that, while Natsumi Hayashi is very easy on the eyes generally, what will really make you fall in love with her is her delightfully skewed view, which she can make real and share with you:

She’s pioneered what she calls levitation self-portraits, and there are quite a few. They make her seem in her environment, but not part of it. Something entirely un-Earthly and surreal and very wonderful to look at. They amuse the eye and lift the spirit.

She has many of these, whose secret is actually hard work; she sets her camera for auto-fire or has a friend squeeze the trigger, and really just jumps up and down. Out of the up-to-300-and-more photos taken on such a session, chances are, there’ll be a few good ones.

It’s reality, curated, really.

Her blog is Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary: Come for the adorable young Japanese lady; stay for the sense of absurd wonder.

A Rainbow on the Floor

Posted in digital photos, nature photos, Stuff that does't fit anywhere else on July 15, 2009 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis

2151.Just a chance photo, it is what it is:

It amazes me to think that Isaac Newton took one look at something like this and said “ah ha!”

View it bigly at posterous here.

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A Rainbow on the Floor

Posted in digital photos, Stuff that does't fit anywhere else on July 15, 2009 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2151.Just a chance photo, it is what it is:

It amazes me that Isaac Newton looked at something like that and said “ah ha! Color! Separate wavelengths!”

View it bigly at posterous here.

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