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[pdx] OryCon 34 – Portland Unicorns Got Legs

Posted in liff in PDX, OryCon, PDX Unicorn Burial Ground, pdx unicorns, Saint Unicorn on November 4, 2012 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2886.So, as it is getting known, Portland, as we have said, is built on an ancient Unicorn Burial Ground™.

This is true. Just accept it.

But it’s easy to forget that the percolation of this awareness through the general population can be slow. I was confronted, however, with a very cheering thing waiting in line for a panel tonight:

I made the mistake of taking this on my TracFone, so the resolution on the photos are crap; the lady was sweet enough to pose for me told me, exultantly, that there is such a legend. The motto on the shirt says, simply, Portland: built on an ancient unicorn burial ground. Trust me on that.

I let on that I was part of the cabal that was making it known to the wider world, so that Saint Unicorn is properly remembered. So, we haven’t made it into the New York Times, but with sweet people willing to believe … can it really be that much longer?

And so it goes.


[net_liff] "Spot the Unicorn", Zach Dundas Twitter Edition

Posted in PDX Unicorn Burial Ground, pdx unicorns, photoshoppery, Saint Unicorn, unicorns on September 19, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2698.If you love something, they say, set it free.

Whoever came up with that folksy aneurysm must have had the internet in mind. Latterly, this bit of Unicorn-oriented Photoshoppery:

Which I created in March, 2010, has been showing up in interesting places. The newest find? The Twitter icon for Portland Monthly editor, Zach Dundas:
Am I irritated? Hardly! Flattered! Look, I know this about that; when you create something like this and fling it down the ‘tubes, it’ll get lifted and passed about. That was kind of the idea here. Right now, it’s as close as I’m getting to fame, so, hey, it’s cool. Definitely cool.
Remember the unicorns, my friends. You don’t know you flattered me, Zach, but if you read this article, now you do. Thanks. Long may Saint Unicorn fly. Even though he hath no wings, yes, I know this.

[pdx] Portland: It’s The Unicorns. Specifically, My Unicorn.

Posted in Best of ZehnKatzen, pdx, PDX Unicorn Burial Ground, pdx unicorns, photoshoppery, Portland Photos, Saint Unicorn, Samuel John Klein, ZehnKatzen on September 4, 2011 by Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis
2684.As shared on Twittah by a longtime compadré, now known by the deliciously cryptic monicker “-b-” (Twittah: brx0), he of the Cyclotram blog, this now-famous Unicorn Photoshoppery of the erstwhile Made In Oregon sign (now the publicly-owned Portland Oregon sign)  has been shared around tumblr like a … well, like something that gets shared alot around tumblr…

It  originally appeared on this blog after I created it here ( and it’s being shared about on tumblr here ( Thank you, FYeahPortland. 
Of course the fame, wealth, power, and influence that should attach to such a notice has not yet descended upon me. I shall alert you all when it does and remind those of you who supported me over the years that positions of astoundingly embarrassing wealth and power may well be yours soon – well, as long as you have already purchased one of equal or greater value.
And so it goes.